Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Me, Myself & I

Apparently, this is the week of link-ups for me. Today, it's the Me, Myself and I link up party with The Life of the Wife and her lovely co-hosts. Which you guessed it, is all about me me me... 

Yay for learning a little more about me! I know, I'm a huge dork. I just think this picture is hilarious! It was New Years Eve and I was super drunk excited!

1. What is your biggest phobia?
Bridges... well, the Bay bridge and the Richmond bridge actually.  Any bridge that is multi-level. A couple years ago, my friend Art flew my mom out here for a visit. On our way back from the airport, we had to drive over the Richmond bridge. I told my mom and Art that I hate being on the bottom level because I'm afraid if the top level fell down I would get squished. Art very politely said, "Honey, I think that would be the least of your worries." Which then made me laugh and laugh that instead of thinking of the huge drop down into the cold water, I thought of being squished. So maybe my phobia isn't really bridges, it's being squished. 

2. If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why? 
I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm gonna have to say my wedding day. It was such a fun day filled with love, laughter, friends and family! Yes, things went wrong, but looking back on it now it was still a perfect day! 
3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be? 
 Honestly, there really isn't any age I would love to stay. There has been something that I have enjoyed about each year of my life and I look forward to seeing what the rest of my years have in store.  So far, I'm loving 30! 

4. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?
Sophia Bush. A few years ago, I was out with some friends and my friend Chris told me I looked just like Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill. I had never seen One Tree Hill and had no idea who she was, so I started watching the show and got hooked. I'm so sad OTH is gone now.  Chris still calls me Sophia or Brooke Davis. 

5. What songs are included on the soundtrack of your life?
1. Springsteen - Eric Church
This song just makes me think of so many great memories throughout my life
2. My Best Friend - Tim McGraw
Our wedding song
3. Like My Mother Does - Lauren Alaina
This song makes me think of my mom and all she's done for me
4. Boondocks - Little Big Town
"I feel no shame... I'm proud of where I came from... I was born and raised in the boondocks" My friends and I changed this to "I feel no shame... I'm proud of where I came from... I was born and raised in Seneca"
5. Pray out Loud - Jessica Simpson
This song reminds me that no matter what happens, God is always there to listen. Don't be afraid to pray about it

There's a little bit about me in a nutshell. 
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  1. I've never thought about it, but you DO look like Sophia Bush...a cuter version of course.

    Bridges (and being squished) freak me out too!

    I love that "my best friend" was your wedding song! So perfect.

  2. Hi There! :D I really enjoyed reading your post..I had a few giggles at your pictures and the little stories behind them. I have to admit that I and my friends like to change the lyrics of songs too :) It's just more fun that way! Happy Tuesday Xo

  3. You dooooo look like her! Agreed! And I get WAY nervous about bridges. It's not as bad as yours but I always walk/run/drive/bike SUPER fast over to the other side. I dunno why -- but I feel ya on that one!

  4. Hey girl - you def look like Sophia Bush! Ya know, I'm actually really scared of Bridges too! I usually keep my window open when I go across a bridge, my reasoning is if the bridge collapses and my car goes plummeting into the water, at least I can crawl out the window if I'm still alive... Probably dumb rationale, but it's what keep me sane!

  5. You really do look like her!! Crazy!!
    That picture is so funny!! I love pics like that!!!

  6. i don't know if you'd ever want to come visit me then, because bridges are a way of life down here.


    1. LInds.. I hate bridges AND GUESS WHERE I AM GOING

      I'm just going to comment here.

      You are such the country girl, I knew this already.. but still.

      Oh Brooke Davis. P.Sawyer.. those days.. oh man.

  7. I love OTH and would watch it religiously. I adore Sophia and totally see a resemblance!!


  8. omg you do look like Sophia Bush!! That is a good doppelganger. I dont think I have one :(

  9. Ok can you relive your wedding so I can come? Mmmkay thanks, Sophia.

  10. I love these posts because it is always fun to learn more about people. I don't love driving over the part of the Bay Bridge that collapsed so much, especially when it is traffic-y. I will be glad when the new span is finished already.


  11. "I was super drunk, I Mean EXCITED!!" hahaha, best part!! :D

    I love that you would relive your wedding day. :)

  12. Okay, your new name is Sophia!!! I can totally see it! And let's relive your wedding again so I can be a bridesmaid!! ;)

  13. You do totally look like her!! I usto love that show. I think I would love relive my wedding day :)

  14. Sophia Bush is a good person to be compared to! She is just gorgeous (and so are you!) I don't think I'd want to stay a single age either. It's too much fun to see what each new year/age has in store!

  15. hi! im visiting via the me, myself, and i linkup!

    the picture of that bridge is INSANE! i think id have some irrational fears of bridges after seeing that one too!

  16. "super drunk, i mean excited" haha. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post for LaurenConrad.com. xo


  17. I love Sophia Bush. I'm actually taking a picture of her in today when I get my hair done.

  18. Hello! Great blog! The last post is very interesting and beautiful! Let's follow each other, if you agree, then let me know!)))

  19. Hello! I found your blog through the link up. I'm loving reading all these posts! I had a hard time coming up with a phobia, but your post reminded me how uneasy I get going over long bridges. Whew, glad I won't be doing that any time soon! haha

    I followed your blog and look forward to more posts!

  20. haha - being squished? i say thats pretty valid :)
    and your wedding was gorgeous! going to try and find more pictures to stalk now :)


  21. I live in the Bay Area too and the Richmond Bridge is pretty sketchy - whether on top or bottom!

  22. sophia is gorgeous as are you!

    come say hi at nichollvincent.blogspot.com :)

    have a great Friday!

  23. hey there!! newest follower to your blog :) its so cute and i cant wait to read more from ya! would love if you followed me back!