Monday, April 30, 2012

Professor Pissy Pants!

Yep, that's me today! Not just because it's Monday, but we won't go into details.


This weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday night, I finished up 50 Shades Darker (the 2nd book of the 50 Shades trilogy). I might be slightly addicted to these books. Just a little... Saturday, Jeremy and I ran some errands and then came home and I made some yummy adult beverages (my MIL laughs every time I say adult beverages). Saturday night, I read some more. Exciting Friday and Saturday night right? If you are reading or have read these books, you understand that a Friday and Saturday night spent with Christian Grey is wonderful! Sunday, I went to breakfast with the MIL and some of her old co-workers and then we went to the antique fair downtown. It was a pretty hot day and there were SOOO many people there that we didn't stay long. Sunday evening, we grilled with the in-laws and were planning on playing cards, but I got an upsetting phone call and we decided to just go home instead. Jeremy suggested we have some adult beverages and watch Super Troopers. Husband sure knows how to make me feel better! Littering and... Littering and...
A few photos from the weekend


My version of chicken stir fry

Ashley cheesing with the flowers I picked for her

Ashley and Me

  Best friends

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last Thing Thursdays

It's Thursday!!! Which means it's almost the weekend and it also means it's time to link up with Jenna at The Life of the Wife for Last Thing Thursdays.

The Last Thing I...

Ate: Cheese pizza from Z Pizza for dinner last night. If you have a Z Pizza in your area and haven't been yet, I highly recommend it. As Sheldon Cooper would say, it has the perfect cheese to sauce to crust ratio. 

Listened to:  Joshua Radin I'd Rather Be With You

Bought: An adorable lace skirt from Ooh La Loft. Now I just need to find the perfect top to wear with it. 

Got Upset About: A really rude customer on live chat. 

3:11:21 PM [Lindsay] Unfortunately, there are no size 18 in stock in any color. The next ship date from the manufacturer is approximately July 31.
3:21:25 PM [sabrina] well F u i really liked that dress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only they didn't really just say "F", I edited out the real four letter word they used! Seriously, how rude is that?! Like it's MY fault the dress isn't in stock! 

Really Laughed At: Erica being so excited that there were free cookies in our hotel lobby. "IS THAT A COOKIE?!?" I'm pretty sure the front desk clerk thought she was crazy!!! 

Picture I Took of Myself: The picture below swinging on the beach. 

Got Excited About: The fact that I now have 50 followers. I was seriously so excited when I logged in this morning and saw the number 50! I love this little blog world and all the wonderful people I've met! 

Now head on over and link up! 

The Life of the Wife

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Girl Time!!!

I had a blast in San Luis Obispo with my girl, Erica! It was filled with yummy food, drinks, girl talk, blaring some J.T., swinging on the beach and spending about 2 hours playing in Sephora. I am soooooo exhausted! We went to bed at about midnight last night and had to get up at 4 A.M. to get ready to leave. Since my brain isn't fully functioning today, I will just share some of the pictures we took (sorry in advance for the picture overload).

The adorable place we had dinner on Monday
 Chicken curry
Erica thought there was no door to the bathroom. This is right after I said, 
"There is too a door, you dork!" 
Pismo Beach
E + L
  I seriously heart this girl!!! 
 Swinging on the beach
Just a swingin...
  Toes in the sand
 I could spend EVERY day at the beach
Friends forever, no matter how far apart we are
"Is that a cookie?!?" Seriously, you would have thought she'd never seen a cookie before
 Who eats ice cream for dinner? That's right, we do!!! 

Keep calm and eat cupcakes

I already miss E terribly, but it's so comforting knowing that no matter how far apart we are or how long we go without seeing each other, nothing will ever come between our friendship. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The best thing to wake up to...

Is the text below from one of my best friends in the whole world. Art and I have known each other since kindergarten and have been great friends ever since. We've been there for each other through the ups and downs of life, and I know we will be friends for the rest of our lives. He picked me up numerous times when I was crying over some stupid guy (before I was married obviously). He's always been the friend I know I can call if I need ANYTHING! We had him ordained to perform the ceremony at our wedding. He's a pretty quiet guy and doesn't really like speaking in front of large crowds, but he did it for me. He is one of the most selfless people I've ever met. For Christmas 2010, he flew my mom out to California to see me. My mom is partially disabled and didn't know how it would be to fly alone, so he bought their tickets and flew with her to see me. Can you say best guy ever?!? Before moving to California, I was very involved in my church (the friend I drove to San Luis Obispo to see is the preacher's wife) and I asked Art to go to church with me one Sunday. He came with me that Sunday and has been going there ever since. I'm so glad he's found such a home in Cornerstone and has also been building his relationship with God.

Here is the text I woke up to this morning (he would probably kill me if he knew I shared this)

"Love u! Thank u!"
"So I know it's early but I can't sleep and I'm just layin here and thinkin and sayin some prayers and just had some things that I needed to say. It's quite possible that had u not invited me to church and got me to goin and introduced me to the people that u did and stuff that I wouldn't be travelin the road that I am today. Not really that I was or would be in a terrible place, but it's possible I guess, but probably not this place. So I guess really I just wanted to thank u. Love u girl. Know it's all for a reason, but still miss u." 

 Art is a man of few words, so for him to open up like this is a HUGE thing. The text seriously almost made me cry. Having someone tell you that you've made a difference in their life is one of the best feelings in the world! 

My cousin Michelle and I giving Art some love a few years ago
Art and me at my "White Trash Bash" going away party. 
 Officiating our wedding
 Hanging out when he flew mom out to visit. He rarely smiles in pictures, so I was trying not to smile. 


Monday, April 23, 2012

So excited!!!

I had a different post planned for today, however.... I got a text from one of my favorite people in the whole world today saying she's going to be in San Luis Obispo (about 4 hours south of here) for an interview and asked if I could possibly come see her. Since she lives in Missouri and I only see her about once a year, I said HECK YES!!! So, I'm packing up and heading south until Wednesday morning. I seriously CANNOT wait to see her!!!

Double the fun!! 
 Yes, we are that awesome! 
This captures the real Lindsay and Erica

Alright, wrapping this up to go pack! I'm sure there will be a post when I get back documenting our lovely adventures!  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Weather: Thank you so much for the gorgeous weekend coming up! Friday 82, Saturday 83 and Sunday 78, that's my kind of spring weather!

Dear Husband: Thanks so much for indulging in my love of sappy romantic movies and taking me on a date to see The Lucky One tonight. Can't wait!

Dear Mom: I know you are completely stressed out right now, but just have faith in God that he will help you overcome this. I love you, mommie dearest!

Dear Sun Drop commercial girl: You better watch out, I just might take your spot! LinDeezy in the house. Haha! Yeah, buddy! I may or may not have wanted to "Drop it like it's hot" on my morning run. Wouldn't you love to see a girl running down the street droppin it like it's hot?!

Dear Tresh: My dearest Tresh the Dish, I miss you more than you know. Thanks for the fun, sweet conversation last night. You're always the best at giving me an ego boost. Roommates forever!

Dear blog friends: Thanks so much for all the sweet, funny comments and emails! Nothing makes my day more than a comment/email from you amazing blog friends! 

Happy Friday!!! 

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last Thing Thursdays

It's Thursday and that means it's time to link up with Jenna at The Life of the Wife for Last Thing Thursdays.

The Last Thing I...

Drank: Coffee! It's pretty much my morning ritual. Since I hate taking the time to make a whole pot of coffee for myself and since we have this amazing water cooler that dispenses hot water, I have been using the instant coffee packets. I started out using Starbucks Via, which is great but expensive. So, I switched to Nescafe, which is delicious and at least half the price. 
Got excited for: Finding out Randy & Christina (brother-in-law and sister-in-law) are coming to visit next month! They live in AZ and we usually only see them 3-4 times a year. When the four of us get together, you better watch out! It scares me a little to think of how much fun we would have if we lived closer than 12 hours away from each other. I've told y'all before that I have the best sister-in-law in the world. I seriously love that girl and couldn't ask for a better sister. Randy isn't so bad either. :) Just kidding, I obviously love him too!
I text this to Christina last night
Silly Picture I took: Our friends Ashley and Daniel came over Saturday night for a fun night of cupcakes, adult beverages, Mexican Train and Rock Band. Yes, we are 30 and 35 and still play rock band. We are that cool.
  We're a little awkward
Pinned: This wonderful saying. Sometimes we just need to remember to enjoy every single moment.
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Absolutely Loved: Phillip Phillip's version of You Got it Bad on American Idol last night. Holy hotness right there!!! I could listen to it over and over! 

Now head on over to The Life of the Wife and link-up.

The Life of the Wife

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I want Wednesday


Phew, that's a lot of w's! 
With the gorgeous spring weather we've been having this week, I've been going through my closet and clearing out all my winter stuff. I realized I don't have a pair of fun spring/summer wedges. I probably have in between 75-100 pairs of shoes (no lie), but not one pair of wedge sandals. Ok, that's not true... I do have one pair of black gladiator sandals. But... I'm LOVING all the bright colors this season. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Steve Madden GETOUT

ALDO Calicott

Jessica Simpson MARCOS
Those are just a few of the wedges I'm lusting over this season. What are your spring must haves? 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beautiful nail... Just one!

I am having writer's block today, so I decided to share a funny video instead of just rambling on. I know most everyone (guys included) have been to a nail salon before and can relate to this.

I've decided to start a weekly blog tradition on Wednesdays, "I want it Wednesday" where I will talk about one thing I've been lusting over lately. If you want to link up, let me know and I will try to figure out all the link up stuff. I'm not too technology savvy, so it might take me a little while to figure that out. Anyway, come back tomorrow to see what I've been drooling over for the last two months week. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

This girl needed coffee...

Yesterday, I met my friend Lacey for coffee and a little shopping downtown. I absolutely love downtown Petaluma. Scenes from the movies American Graffiti and Peggy Sue Got Married were filmed here. There are a bunch of old buildings and charming locally owned shops. Yesterday was the perfect day to walk around outside and enjoy the sunshine.

I knew I was tired, but didn't realize how spaced out I was. I was standing behind Lacey in line at Peet's, half scanning the menu and half listening to her order (mostly just zoning out), when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Apparently, another line had opened up and the cashier had been trying to get my attention. I have no idea how long she had been trying to get my attention, but the nice guy in line behind me let know it was my turn to order. The cashier said, "Someone really needs coffee..." It was quite embarrassing, but also gave me a good laugh. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at right?! Who sits at Peet's so long that they decide they might as well order another cup of coffee for the walk? That's right, these girls do!

I made two great purchases yesterday, an adorable sheer fuchsia top from Ooh La Loft and Essie Turquoise and Caicos nail polish from Blush.I'm so ready for Spring and Summer!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello, Friday! I've been waiting for you!

Ah, finally Friday! Is anyone else as excited for Friday as I am? The fact that it is Friday the 13th isn't even getting me down!

Things I'm looking forward to this weekend/upcoming week: 

1. My dinner date at Olive Garden with my gorgeous friend, Alisha. I'm soooo ready for a carb overload, a glass of wine and some good girl talk. You just can't beat girls nights! 
Me, Becca and Alisha - Scenario: The look you would have if someone told you Team Jacob was better than Team Edward. Ha! 

2. Dinner at Cheesecake Factory and our camp in tomorrow night with Ashley and Daniel (otherwise known as Smashley and Chewing Boy). And yes, I said camp in, not camp out. We are going to have a sleepover in the living room, complete with camping chairs, sleeping bags and a cooler. We might even make a fire in the fireplace and make s'mores! 
Ashley and me on our way to the beach last summer

3. Coffee date on Sunday with my friend, Lacey. I have an addiction to coffee! I can't get enough of it! The caffeine doesn't do much for me, but I just love the warm feeling it gives me inside. I was talking to a friend about coffee the other day and he said coffee is like a good hug. I couldn't agree with that more. 

4. I am so excited to get my headwrap and necklace order from the lovely Morgan at Momma to Binks&Bubble. If you haven't checked out her shop, Adie's Lovelies, you should head on over right now and check it out. She makes some seriously cute stuff and even does custom orders all while juggling two kids and a hubby. I don't know how she does it! 

Those are a few of the upcoming things I'm excited for. I'm ready for a good weekend filled with friends and laughter! I hope y'all have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays

I'm linking up with Jenna at The Life of the Wife again for her last thing Thursdays. I've missed the last two Thursdays, but I'm back on track now! I really love this link-up! I've found new blogs that I love and made new friends thanks to Jenna (who is amazing by the way)!

The Last Thing I...

Ate: A bowl of Special K. I rarely eat breakfast, but was starving this morning. I am out of almond milk and it's the one thing Jeremy forgot to get at the store last night, so I had to use regular milk. Blech! Almond milk is soooo much better and lower in calories. 

Drank: Water!!! I had a little bit too much wine last night, so I am in need of hydration! 

Laughed At: This video I saw on Ashley's blog yesterday. Taylor Swift cracks me up!!!

Cried At: The last thing I remember crying about was Rue dying in the Hunger Games movie. I was disappointed that they downplayed Katniss and Rue's friendship in the movie, but I still cried when she died. 

Bought & Loved: Barielle Gel Top Coat. I hate painting my nails because the polish chips off after one day and I can't stand having chipped polish. This stuff is amazing! My nail polish didn't chip for 3 days and then when it did start chipping, it just peeled right off without nail polish remover! 

Read: The lovely B at B in the Bay "lent" me A Charmed Place. It was a great book filled with love, hatred, mystery and murder. Next on the reading list is 50 Shades of Grey. If any of you have read it, let me know what you think. 

Blog I started following: Lauren Rebecca. I came across her blog while browsing blogs this morning and was drawn in by her post today. If you aren't already following her, you should go check out her blog. 

Enough about me for today, head on over to The Life of the Wife and link-up! Come on, you know you want to! 

The Life of the Wife

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vegas Day 4

Saturday March 31 was our last full day in Vegas. We went to the Flamingo to enjoy our last buffet on the 24 hour buffet pass we had. The buffet had a whole room full of desserts, including cotton candy! I felt like I was 5 years old again, I was so excited for that cotton candy! After lunch, we walked around the Strip for awhile and then went back to our hotel to lounge at the pool. For dinner, we went to RA Sushi Bar and ate WAY too much sushi and had a couple of yummy fish bowl drinks. I was very proud of Jeremy, he actually tried seared tuna! He hates seafood, which really sucks for me since I could pretty much live on it! After dinner, we went back to our hotel and got ready to go to PURE nightclub at Casear's Palace. Dev was there promoting her new album and even put on a free concert. Christina and I had a blast seeing as we got free vodka drinks until midnight! The boys were a little tired and knew that we had to get up early and make the long drive home the next day, so they decided to go back to the hotel. Christina and I weren't ready for our fun time in Vegas to end, so we decided to walk around and see where the night took us. We ended up meeting a lot of really cool people and stopped at many different hotels for a drink. We were having so much fun, we didn't even realize it was almost 5 AM. The whole vacation was a blast, but I think Christina and I's adventurous late night trip is something I will never forget!

Mmmm.... Cotton Candy!!! 
 Love my Lil C!!! 
This drink was DELICIOUS!!! 
Yummy sushi! Sadly, this wasn't even half of our food
Waiting in line to get into PURE
  Random people we met on our little adventure
I think it's safe to say I had the best 30th birthday party ever!!! Whatever 30 has to bring, I am ready for it! 30 is the new 20 right?!?