Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Weather: Thank you so much for the gorgeous weekend coming up! Friday 82, Saturday 83 and Sunday 78, that's my kind of spring weather!

Dear Husband: Thanks so much for indulging in my love of sappy romantic movies and taking me on a date to see The Lucky One tonight. Can't wait!

Dear Mom: I know you are completely stressed out right now, but just have faith in God that he will help you overcome this. I love you, mommie dearest!

Dear Sun Drop commercial girl: You better watch out, I just might take your spot! LinDeezy in the house. Haha! Yeah, buddy! I may or may not have wanted to "Drop it like it's hot" on my morning run. Wouldn't you love to see a girl running down the street droppin it like it's hot?!

Dear Tresh: My dearest Tresh the Dish, I miss you more than you know. Thanks for the fun, sweet conversation last night. You're always the best at giving me an ego boost. Roommates forever!

Dear blog friends: Thanks so much for all the sweet, funny comments and emails! Nothing makes my day more than a comment/email from you amazing blog friends! 

Happy Friday!!! 

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  1. HAHAHA that commercial always makes me crack.. up and thinking about someone doing lol oh wow!
    Oh I really want to go see that movie!! Loving your blog glad I found you.. newest follower!

  2. Please please please tell me how the Lucky One is! I want to know if it's worth asking the bf going to with me :)

  3. omg! i love the sun drop girl!! and yes, i would DIE to see someone out on their morning run "dropping it like it's hot". hahahaha.

    p.s. aren't best friends SO GREAT?! geez.

  4. I love the idea of the little letters! I need to try this :) cute blog!!

  5. So.. about this Lucky One business, I can't wait to stare at him for two hours. However I haven't read the book and I do not trust nicholas sparks.. sooo pray for my heart if he dies.

  6. That's definitely a great kudos to hubby!

  7. That weather does sound amazing! It is supposed to rain here, boo!

  8. We went to see The Lucky One last night too!!! I thought it was good mainly because of Zac Efron :-) What did you think? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. I would have loved to see you drop it likes it hot mid-run! haha love that commercial! cute letters, thanks for linking up with me!