Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're married!!!

The day finally came that I am no longer an Irvin. Well, I'll always be an Irvin at heart, but the last name has changed. I love calling Jeremy my husband or hubby, I'm pretty sure he's going to get sick of it pretty soon. :)

We got married September 5 at a beautiful family owned vineyard in Penngrove, CA. We really could not have asked for a more beautiful setting for our wedding.

Quite a few things happened throughout our wedding day. They say bad things come in three's. First, I dropped a huge tray full of ice on my hand. Luckily, it was my right hand. Second, right after the girls started lacing up my dress, one of the loops broke. I was almost in tears, but then Candy came to the rescue and sewed it right back good as new. The third thing that happened is actually quite funny. We had set up the delivery for the cake to be at 4:00 pm. At about 5:00 pm people started asking where the cake was. Someone began calling the cake place (which is about 25 minutes away) and they said they were leaving then. Well, at 5:30 pm when the ceremony was supposed to start, the cake still wasn't there. So, someone called again and they said they would be there in 15 minutes. At 5:45 pm, we decided to just go ahead with the ceremony and have someone wait at the gate for the cake. The ceremony was in the front yard where the driveway is, so we didn't want the cake people to just drive up in the middle of the ceremony. Anyway, the ceremony went on perfectly and then we proceeded to take pictures. We finally finished up with pictures around 7:00 pm and I asked if they cake had ever made it. People kind of freaked out and told me that the cake had indeed made it, but I probably didn't want to see it. They said it was in the garage if we really wanted to see it. So, Jeremy and I (along with our photographers) headed to the garage to find a half mangled cake. We just started cracking up!!! We decided to set it up on a trash can and go ahead and take pictures with the mangled cake. I'm sure the pictures of that will come soon. I'm not gonna lie, we did eat some of the cake and it was darn good!!! When we finally made it to the reception, we told everyone there was cake in the garage on the trash can if they wanted some. After that, everyone kept referring to it as the trash can cake and kept going out to the garage to eat some. I said it was my fault and that I jinxed myself because I had said that if I didn't have to have a wedding cake I wouldn't. Oops... Through all this it really made us realize what great friends we have in our lives. A bunch of our friends got together and pitched in money so that someone could go get us a cake from one of the grocery stores here. They actually found a pretty white cake with red and white roses on top. It was so sweet!!!

Wow! Sorry, I wasn't expecting my first blog to be so long. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and the reception was a total blast!!! And the cake only made it more memorable!

There will be more pics to come.

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