Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays

Since I am so terrible at blogging, I decided maybe doing a weekly link up might make me blog a little more regularly. Well, at least once a week. :) Thanks to Jenna at The Life of the Wife for helping me blog at least once a week.

The Last Thing I.....

I purchased The Hungers Games on my Ipad about 4 months ago and FINALLY started it last night.   
Mexican Chicken Casserole. It looks super yummy and is pretty healthy! That's a win, win in my book! I am seriously loving all the recipes on Pinterest. 
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Blog Post I Read:
Sydney's (The Daybook) Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Her blog is one of the first blogs I started reading religiously. If you haven't read her blog, be sure to check it out! 
 TV Show I Watched: 
American Idol! I admit that I am highly addicted to reality tv competitions. The Bachelor, The Voice, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance... It's a sad addiction, but my husband and I are very entertained by them. 
Candy I Ate:
I'm not actually sure what the last candy I ate was. I've been exercising and dieting and haven't been having much candy lately. Gotta look good for the big 3-0 this month! Since I can't remember the last candy I ate, I will just go with my favorite: gummy bears!!! 
Did For Someone Else: 
I sent my mom a Valentine's box full of goodies. My mom doesn't really have the money to buy cookies and candy, so my mother-in-law and I baked some cookies and filled a box with cookies and candy. 
Peanut butter cookies with reese's cups in the middle. They were sooooo good! I used my grandma's peanut butter cookie recipe and added the reese's cup. 
Bought & Loved: 
TOMS ballet flats!!! They were a belated Valentine's present. I have been looking all over for them, but every store was sold out in my size and they are back ordered online. I was out shopping with my mother-in-law this weekend and one store actually had them in my size. I was so excited!!! 

 Have a great Thursday! It's almost the weekend, YAY!!! 



  1. American Idol was on my list too!! Love that show.

  2. omg i love those gummy bears! they are the best! happy to see other link-upers! cant wait to keep reading! xo

  3. Thanks for linking up baby!! Love you!! :)

  4. Love the Hunger Games! So excited for the movie. Your baked goodies look yummy, too! :)