Monday, October 19, 2009

CHP Baby!!!

Jeremy just found out that he got assigned a background investigator for CHP. This is such great news!!! We've only been waiting almost 5 months to hear something. We were getting a little worried because other people we know that applied for CHP and had their interview after Jeremy had already gotten the call from their background investigators. Jeremy still hasn't officially gotten the call, but he called the office and they said that the background investigator assigned to him has been out of the office this last month, so that's why he hasn't received a call. Now, we're just waiting for the first of November for the background investigator to call him and tell him what to do next. The next academy starts in December, so hopefully he will get everything done in time to start then!!! He will be gone 6 months (except weekends), but it will all be worth it in the end!!!

Tonight, I'm cooking my hubby a celebratory dinner of salisbury steaks, roasted potatoes, corn and crescent rolls. I'm definitely a beginner at cooking, so wish me luck!!!


  1. congrats, good luck and how was dinner???

  2. Dinner was great! I was very proud of myself!!! :) I just can't cook like grandma though.