Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quick Update

I've been having so much fun spending time with my mom that I haven't had much time to blog. Sadly, she heads back to Missouri next Monday. I will be back to blog land full force then! For now, here's a little update on our recent endeavors. 

I got a new tattoo of my favorite bible verse
 We went shopping and I lusted over these TOMS! They are in my MIL's closet for Christmas. Too bad I can't wear them now! She said I can wear them one time this fall before going back in the box to get wrapped for Christmas. I just need to pick the perfect time to wear them. 
I tried and loved the bow bun
Went to Applebee's happy hour with these beautiful ladies
   Getting ready to head out to a little dive bar here in town
 Had a blast at this pretty girls wedding
Went on a boat ride in the bay
Golden Gate Bridge love
I miss all my wonderful blog friends and can't wait to catch up next week!!!  


  1. I miss you!! The bow bun is super cute! Do a tutorial!!
    Looks like you are having great fun with you mom!!!

  2. You are so flipping adorable. I wuv you. And did I tell you that Ian's baseball team played the A's last night and beat the poopy out of them. I saw your hat and it made me think of it.

  3. I love that tattoo, I love that your mom is still with you, even if for just a bit longer..

  4. Aw, we def miss you but I'm glad your having fun with your mama!! I agree..do a bow bun tutorial! Even though my hair is too short..I'm still curious!

  5. yayyyy! looks like you have been having so much fun! live it up girl!

  6. Been missing you too, lady!!! And OMG, love the new tattoo!!! Did it hurt??? Looks like you have been living right!! Come back soon!!! MUAH!!!

  7. You have been busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving those shoes. Yes, you'll have to find the perfect moment :-)

  8. That is unfair about the shoes. I do not like it.

    LOOOOOVE the new tattoo. I have missed you. I'm glad you're back.

  9. thanks for the update!! glad you're having fun with your mom. it is important to focus on her while you have her here in CA! we bloggers will be here when you get back!!

  10. awesome tattoo and pictures!


  11. the bow bun! and the golden gate bridge. be still my heart. i flew over it that day and it was gorg.

  12. Mentioning that canvas you made me on my blog tomorrow! :D :D

  13. And who could blame you for those cute Toms? They're perfect for fall. And was the bow bun hard? I've always wanted to try it, but I lose patience with my hair after like 5 minutes, so if it takes longer than that I'm out haha.

    I just found your blog, and it's adorable. I'm excited to be your newest follower!



  14. Love Love your Tattoo! & your blog!! I am a new follower and am so excited to continue reading!

    Check out my blog at: http://inoneaccord2011.blogspot.com/