Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello blog world!!! It's been awhile! I may be sporadically posting for awhile my mom is here. We've been having some fun times already and have three more weeks of fun times ahead!!! Here's a day-by-day update of the fun we've been having! 

Tuesday: I ran a bunch of last minute errands to get ready for mom's arrival. While I was in the car listening to the radio, I heard they were giving away tickets to see Rascal Flatts, Little Big Town, Eli Young Band and Eden's Edge. I NEVER win these things, but I thought I might as well give it a try and make the call. The first time I dialed the number it was busy. The second time they answered!!! I won two tickets to the concert! My mom and I both LOVE Little Big Town. I may or may not have seen them in concert five times already. So, I went to the radio station and picked up the tickets and then Jeremy and I headed to the airport to pick mom up. Boy was she surprised when I showed her the concert tickets. We headed to In-n-Out Burger for dinner and then came home to relax and have a glass of wine. 

Wednesday: Mom and I hung out around the house most of the day. That evening, we went across the street for pizza and beer to celebrate our anniversary. 

Thursday: We decided to go to our local grocery store Raley's for wine night. Every Thursday, they have a wine tasting for $3. For $3 you get to try a bunch of different wines and they have appetizers. This week, they threw a bridal shower for one of the employees I'm friends with. It was really fun! 

Friday: Mom and I headed to Trader Joe's to pick up some flowers for my friend Lacey for her last day of work. We stopped at Starbucks and got Lacey and Dianna a fun drink. Lacey was super surprised! Then mom and I headed to Olive Garden for a yummy lunch! Friday evening, we lounged around the house and geared up for our BBQ on Saturday.

Saturday: I baked cookies and made deviled eggs to get ready for our BBQ. My in-laws came over around 5 and I made pina coladas for everyone. Around 6, Lacey and Jorge got here and the guys started the BBQ. Dianna and Julio got here just in time to eat. After dinner, us girls set around chatting and the guys played poker. Somehow we decided to play flip cup and that definitely got the party started. After that, we played three man. We stayed up until 3 AM. I think we all thought we were in college again. It sure was a blast!!!

Sunday: We all slept in and then got up and headed to Santa Rosa to try out Five Guys. It was delicious! We went to Costco and CVS and then came home and lounged. We were all tuckered out from Saturday's activities. 

It has been a great almost week and I'm looking forward to the next three weeks! 


  1. Sounds like you've had a great time with your mom! So jealous about your tix...y'all will have a blast!

  2. You forgot to add in there about how many times we discussed PLL and Bared To You... HAHAHAHAHA

  3. trader joe's flowers are the best and so cheap. except they like to die in my house at rapid speeds.
    and now i want five guys. YUM.

  4. Yep, sounds like we both drank too much this weekend! It sounds like you and your mom are having lots of girl time so far! I can't wait for my phone call Thursday when Pontoon comes on! So excited for you!!! xoxoxoxo!!

  5. We went to Five Guys on Labor Day. Because they are too awesome to be closed on Labor Day. Unlike every other place in town. I'm so happy you're having a blast with your momma!

  6. I am glad I am not there we could go streaking' all 3 of us.

  7. congrats on winning the tix, that is my FAVORITE!! :) Have so much fun with momma!

  8. That is AWESOMEEEE!!!!!! I'm so excited you won!!!

    Glad you're having fun with your mama!! :-)