Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random Wednesday #2

Since I got a text from Shanna last night asking me where I had been with blogging, I decided I better get my booty on the computer and link up with her!

With Thanksgiving tomorrow and Christmas right around the corner, I've just been a busy little bee getting ready for the holidays! 

Since I know we are all busy getting ready to stuff ourselves with turkey tomorrow, I will keep this short and sweet. 

1. Is it terrible that I'm kind of ready for Thanksgiving to be over so I can decorate for Christmas? I have always put my decorations up the weekend after Christmas and always take them down the weekend after New Years. Growing up, I never had a real tree (my mom was allergic), so I got my first real tree my first year living in California. I don't know if we didn't water the tree enough or what, but our tree was pretty much dead by Christmas. Any tips on how to make the tree last? 

2. I am getting old! I can't even clean out a closet/pantry without hurting myself! Our dining room closet has needed cleaned out for about the last 3 years, but instead of cleaning it we just add to it. Monday, I finally decided it was time to clean it out (a nice two hour project). While cleaning, I must have twisted wrong or something, because I pulled something in my rib cage area. It hurts to take deep breaths, sneeze, twist a little too much etc. I went into the living room to lay on the floor and stretch and this happened... 

Apparently, Peanut thought I wanted to be his bed. 

3. Breaking Dawn part 2, need I say more?! If you are a Twilight fan too, you will most likely agree that this was the BEST movie of all of them! Also, if you read the books, what did you think of the twist? I LOVED it! 

4. I am debating going out for Black Friday. Has anyone heard of any great deals? 

Speaking of Black Friday deals, Kiki La'Rue has a great deal going on now through Sunday! 

5. Yesterday, I picked up Indian food and took it to Katrina's to hang out with her and the kiddos. One of the best things about hanging out with a 3 1/2 year old and a 2 year old... getting to pretend like you're 5 again. 
I'm thankful for... Technology, my family, WINE, Twilight (Edward),  fabulous friends, God and books. 

And I'm especially thankful for all my wonderful blog friends!!! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving full of food, family and many things to be thankful for! 


  1. A real tree?? Brave! God and books are pretty super high on my thankful for list too. Have a great Thanksgiving :) --Meagan

  2. Yay!!! Thanks for getting your booty in gear for the link up! I have been missing your posts!! I was worried about you!! And, girl, I am getting old too. I pulled a freaking muscle putting up the Christmas decorations!! Damn, age!! Happy Thanksgiving and eat lots and lots and make sure to take a nap!! Love you!

  3. Love this whole post! I especially love that your turkey says your thankful for wine : ) That's the first thing I noticed when you posted that picture to IG! Have a great Thanksgiving, pretty lady!

  4. Me toooo!! I just want to decorate for Christmas, I can't wait!

    girl, I'm old too. It's a crying shame. I'm afraid I suffered permanent damage to my wrist when I fell in a dressing room a few months ago. It is RIDICULOUS.

    Have a wonderful holiday beautiful!

  5. I don't want thanksgiving over yet but tomorrow after I gorge myself I will beg for such a thing. I am putting up my decorations Friday, making a bacon and cheese bread bowl and enjoying it every second. love you bunches please be careful.

  6. totally NOT terrible that you're over Thanksgiving. I kinda am too. I'm ready for Christmas! But a little bummed because I won't be able to decorate quite as much because we're in the middle of moving. boo. I totally laughed when I seen the first picture. I do that all the time! I'm excited to be a new follower:)


  7. You HAVE to go out for Black Friday!!

    I can't wait to see all your Christmas decorations.

    Sorry you hurt yourself, girl!!! But, little Peanut is so adorable resting on you!

  8. You've got a lovely blog and you're SO pretty!!

    Any way, I say go out for Black Friday!! I'm in Canada and all the stores are copying you guys in the States because they want to keep our customers here. hahah. I'm always down for a sale!

    I totally do that with Wed-nes-day.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. of course I pronounce Wednesday just as stated above, of course.

    Twilight nearly gave me a heart attack, a serious heart attack. Granted I didn't read the entire book, due to boredom.. It felt like I was reading 9 months of pregnancy every time I tried to read it.

  10. I am TOTALLY taking advantage of Kiki's deal!!!!!!!! I have two things in my cart!

  11. I definitely say Wed-Nes-Day when I write it. And when I write together I say To-Get-Her. And when I write banana I always sing Gwen Stefani! :)

  12. Are you only posting on Wed-nes-day now?
    PS. I'm team Jacob.