Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Wednesday #3

I'm  over at my MIL's baking Christmas cookies, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet! 

I really wasn't planning on blogging today, but I got over to my MIL's (across the street) and we started talking about the Voice and she said, "I can't find my Adam Levine picture in my phone. It's gone!!!" So of course, I just HAD to go back through my find and find the picture for her. And what kind of a friend would I be if I didn't share this picture with all my bloggy friends?

Could Adam Levine be any hotter?!? I mean seriously, just look at that! I watch the Voice because I love singing, but..... it doesn't hurt that I get to see Adam Levine's face every week (Blake Shelton isn't so bad either). 
There ya go... short, sweet and to the point! You're welcome!!! 


  1. he is the PERFECT male specimen. I love him. I knew we had more things in common than our love of wine.

  2. Girl, you just made my afternoon so much better! And how freaking awesome that you two have his picture on your phones! This is one reason I love you. Now send me some cookies!!

  3. WHY GOD?! I have to find out something awful/weird about him... he is too perfect!

  4. love it!! I think he looks gorg even in his glasses and sweaters!! Just stopping by to say hello and follow you!

    Check me out if you get time,

  5. All I can think when I see this pic of him is that....he must be not well endowed. I mean, a girl hand is only SO big. Right? (This was probably completely unacceptable, I apologize) LOVE your blog though!

    i couldn't help but wonder...

    PS: I love driving across the Golden Gate too. (I used to live in SF...miss it)

  6. hahahaahhaa, this pic kills me!!

  7. whoa! i feel like i should not be allowed to look at this! (i blush!). he is so hot tho. i saw maroon 5 in concert in college and he was unbelievably sexy. i thought i would die. whew! is it hot in here or is it just me!?

  8. Have mercy.

    I'm SO jealous of the relationship you obviously have with you MIL! Haha.

  9. New follower bc that picture is oh so nice.