Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday... Oh how I love thee

Friday... I seriously love you! Where have you been all my life?! 

For some reason, I have been over this work week since Monday. It's been a busy week and I'm exhausted!!! 

Monday, I went to my first Chicago White Sox game. We lost, but it was still really fun! At least the two runs we scored were home runs, so I got to see some fireworks (and we had great seats). 

Tuesday, we went to Goose Island brewpub for dinner and drinks with Brian's sisters and their significant others. It was a great time! We are quite the rowdy bunch! At one point, Brian threw his sister's sock across the room. Yes, we are those people! 

Wednesday, I had a work happy hour at ZED451. I am pretty much in love with that place now! The ambiance was so cool, the appetizers were amazing and the drinks were delicious! Also, I have the best co-workers, so it was really fun getting to hang out with them outside of the office. 

Thursday, I was very productive after work. I cleaned the apartment, went to a super fun fitness class called WERQ and did laundry. 

Tonight, we have dinner with one of our favorite couples at Wasabi Cafe. It's All You Can Eat sushi for $20.95 and BYOB, what more can you ask for? 

I've been super motivated to workout since getting my Polar FT4 watch, but more on that next week! 

How was your week? 
What are your plans for the weekend? 
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  1. Ummmmm I want all you can east sushi and BYOB!

  2. Ok I think maybe I lost track of your blog for a little bit but now I'm back and following! Happy weekend!