Friday, October 12, 2012

A Fine Frenzy AND Joshua Radin

A couple months ago, my friend Katrina text me saying that A Fine Frenzy was going to be in concert at Wells Fargo. I immediately looked it up and saw that it was not only A Fine Frenzy, but Joshua Radin too!!! I text her back and told her I was definitely in! Girls night, great music and drinks... What more can a girl ask for?! 

Last night, Pri, Carly and I met at Katrina's for some pre-show drinks and then we walked to a nearby pub before walking on to the concert. 

Of course, the bar was our first stop once we got to the concert. We met the cutest older gentleman named Joel. The next time we went back for drinks he said, "There's my IPA girls". We told him his wife would probably be jealous that we were flirting with him and he told us he was widowed. :( 

We headed into the concert to our seats. It's a small venue and we were in the 7th row!!! First up was Lucy Schwartz. She was adorable and had an amazing voice. 

Before the concert, Katrina said, "If A Fine Frenzy sucks live, I'm going to punch her!" Luckily, Katrina didn't have to do any punching! She was beyond AWESOME!!! Our only complaint is that she only performed songs from her new album and none of our favs. 

And last, but certainly not least... Joshua Radin! For some reason, the crowd was insanely dull. No one was standing up or singing along, so we decided to get the party started. We were dancing queens and singing along at the top of our lungs! A few times, he actually stepped away from the mic and was just singing to the crowd. You know an artist is amazeballs when they aren't even singing into the mic and still sound great! 

After the concert, we saw a sign saying "Buy a Joshua Radin t-shirt and you get to meet him". So what did we do?! Of course, we bought shirts and waited in line with all the other groupies girls. Once we finally got to meet him, he said "You were the girls dancing. You are what kept me going." Seriously?!? How freaking awesome is that?! 

It was the PERFECT girls night!!! 

If you've never heard of Joshua Radin or A Fine Frenzy, check out these videos of two of my favorite songs. You won't be disappointed! 

And my new fav song right now by Lucy Schwartz

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Girl.

    I've heard and listened and own all of their music.

    uh. so jealous.

  2. WHAT???? I love A Fine Frenzy and Joshua Radin. And my wedding song was a duet with, guess who, Lucy Schwartz! Seriously, what a perfect night! I'm majorly jealous :)

  3. I loved this post. Why? Because I love ALL 3 of them!! I agree with Brooke ^ ^ ! I am JEALOUS! Especially because I have always had this sort of crush on Joshua Radin's voice.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  4. OMG JOSH RADIN!!!!!! LOVE him so much!!! I love that you and your friends were dancing- why go to a concert if you're not going to get into it?! Silly people... So awesome you met him, too! Eeeek okay I'm totally fan-girling out over here haha.


  5. Sooooo awesome!!! Girl you are rocking that top knot!

  6. Looks like an awesome night! You look super cute BTW!! Glad you had fun!

  7. love this! and love the blog! can't wait to read more, girl.

    love, rach.

  8. I have to admit, a big pet peeve of mine is when an artist doesn't play their old tried and trues! Sounds like a really great night tho!!

  9. I hate when you go to a concert and all they play is their new stuff. I'm going to a concert in December of my favorite band ever, and they are playing an old album from start to finish. I'm psyched.

  10. Oh my...I LOVE Joshua Radin! I'm so jealous of you! :)

    I'm a new follower coming over from Life as Mrs. B. I look forward to getting to know you through your blog!


  11. Love your blog~ Newest follower :) If you have time stop by mine.. stay in touch! God Bless