Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend full of movies

Jeremy was out of town this weekend, so I spent pretty much the entire weekend watching movies. 

Friday night, I went to my friend Katrina's and we made the MOST delicious Fall adult beverage called Spiced Caramel Apple.  I would not be a good blog friend if I did not share this recipe. 

Spiced Caramel Apple

2 oz ginger liqueur
1 oz caramel vodka 
2 1/2 oz apple cider

Rim martini glass with cinnamon and sugar and set aside. Add ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into martini glass. 

Easy peasy and oh so delicious!!! We tried it with both regular apple cider and spice cider and decided we liked the spiced cider better. And after a drink or two, we started mixing equal parts ginger liqueur and caramel vodka, oops! 

While consuming our yummy drinks, we decided to watch What to Expect When You're Expecting. I thought this was a great movie! It was funny when needed, but also a little sad at times. After the movie, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to walk to a local dive bar. Trina's husband was a little worried and thought we were crazy, but we assured him that with a couple of Maglites no one would mess with us. It was a great night! 

Saturday, I was nursing a terrible hangover headache. What better to do when you've got a terrible headache than lay on the couch and watch movies all day. I watched Eclipse, Field of Dreams, She's the One and Cry-Baby. Cry-Baby might just be one of the cheesiest movies ever, but my cousins and I used to watch it when we were younger and loved it. 

Sunday, my MIL and I went to see Pitch Perfect. I love love LOVED this movie. I'm a huge fan of musicals, so this was right up my alley. We laughed so hard and decided that it was just a great movie all around! Unless you just completely hate music, I highly recommend this movie.

After the movie, we decided we might as well rent a couple more movies. So we rented The Five Year Engagement and Katy Perry: The Movie. I'm not ashamed to say that I loved the Katy Perry movie. It was fascinating hearing her back story and also seeing behind the scenes of the concerts. Russell Brand is a douche! The Fiver Year Engagement was good, but not great in my book. MIL and I agreed that the first 30-45 minutes and the last 30 minutes were great, but they just drug out the middle too long.

It was a super relaxing weekend!!! I'm not sure I've watched that many movies in the past month! 

What did y'all do this weekend? 


  1. I'm dying to see Pitch Perfect, 5 Year is boring. boring. boring.

    Girl, now I find myself needing to watch Field of Dreams because I haven't since 1988.

  2. I HAVVVEEEE to see Pitch Perfect!! And you know what? I have heard over and over and over that the Katy Perry is awesome, so have no shame! AND, I saw her in concert and she seriously was awesome. I saw the other pop girls the same year- Britney, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and someone I'm forgetting, and honest to god, Katy's show kicked all the other's asses.

    Distinctly M

  3. I really want to see Pitch Perfect. It looks hilarious!

  4. The caramel apple martini looks delicious!!! And dangerous...I'd probably have like five of them and not even realize it.

    I want to see Pitch Perfect really bad! I saw the girl who plays Amy on Ellen last week. That girl is FUNNY!!! She was good in Bridesmaids, but it looks like she has a much bigger part in this movie. Can't wait to go see it!

  5. I am dying to see pitch perfect! My husband and I saw Five Year Engagement in theater and it's true, it draaaaagged on way too long. We got bored in the middle.

  6. I thought the Five year engagement was alright, definitely could have been about an hour shorter, not much substance! Also, I'm dying to watch the Katy Perry movie, I will put it on my list asap!

  7. Thank god there was no drunkoline. I bet you didn't even think of jumping up and down the next day did ya?

  8. Hey, I found you from the link up!!! You are hilarious! Thanks for posting that recipe- DEFINITELY have to try it! It sounds delish. Also, I've been contemplating renting "What to Expect..." from Red Box, so I think you've convinced me! :) And I love your About Me- I think we'd be great friends!

  9. Girl, where was Friday in this movie mix? I am ashamed of you! ;) Thanks for posting this recipe. Sounds deeeeeelious!!! And I loved the Katy Perry movie too. I took Logan and Landry to see it at the movies in 3D...yes, I am a dork.

  10. Your weekend sounds PERFECT! I want a weekend exactly like this one, relaxing with movies and cocktails, real soon! :)

  11. You had a weekend full of Elizabeth Banks!! :-) What is Cry Baby?

  12. oh thanks for sharing!! i wanted to see 5 year engagement and the katy perry movie. now i know to stick with katy!!

  13. That Spiced Caramel Apple cocktail looks delish, and I love your cute picture to go with it! Must try this! :)