Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blast from the Past

One of my lifelong friends posted a couple of OLD embarrassing pictures on facebook today, so I figured I might as well embarrass myself even more and share them with the wonderful land of blog. And since I'm already embarrassing myself, I figured I would throw in a few extra pictures. 

My cousin Adam and me at my grandparents house. I have no idea what we were doing, but it doesn't look like we were happy about our picture being taken. 

Me beating up on Adam. Adam and I are 8 months apart and grew up very close to each other. I used to beat up on him until he got bigger than me and my uncle told him to hit me back if I hit him. Then he would get in trouble, because I would cry because he hit me. Yep, I was a little brat! 

  Yes, this is MY dad giving me champagne on New Years Eve. 

Mom, dad and me

  My cousins and me with our grandparents

My cousins and me helping my dad blow out his candles

And here are the two lovely pictures my friend, Adrienne, posted on my facebook wall. 

  I'm in the front row, 3rd from the left. This was our Daisy Kindergarten picture. We had a local Daisy skating party where all the surrounding towns Daisy troops got together. I was skating along and somehow fell down (I was only 5 or 6, my skating skills weren't that good) and a fat kid used my arm as a speed bump. Apparently, I screamed bloody murder!! A trip to the ER, found that my arm was broken. 

I'm on the far right in the front row. Check out that rockin hair! I guess if I ever want my hair to have body, I just need a short cut with an awesome perm. 

Don't you just love looking at old pictures? I might just spend my day going through old photo albums! 
Happy Thursday!


  1. I could look at old pictures all day long. truly. and the champagne might just be my favorite.

  2. I love looking at old family photos! Especially amazing ones like you beating up your cousin :)

  3. hahaha I love this post. so much. I love looking at old pictures!

  4. How is it that "old school" photos can be so embarrassing and yet so entertaining at the same time??

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  5. memory lane-ish photos are my favorite! and we pretty much grew up in the best time ever: 80s and 90s:-) Makes me wonder what my kids will think of their photos 20 years from now. yikes. xoxo

  6. Chug a lug on the booze! And I love the Christmas picture with all the matching sweaters. Classic family photos

  7. Matching Christmas sweaters??!?!! yes!!

  8. Loving your blog! :) all of the blast from the past pics are awesome! Please come check out my blog sometime :):)

  9. I absolutely LOVE this post and all the pictures! The family one with you, your mom and dad is PRICELESS!!! Makes me smile!!

  10. Ha ha champagne! That is awesome.


  11. aw, i definitely love old pictures, they're so funny to look at! and these aren't embarrassing, they're darling!

  12. I really love looking back at old pictures. It's so fun to see what my older generations looked like. (especially some of the old fashions!)
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  13. My cousins and I spent last weekend looking through old albums at my Grandma's house. So fun reminiscing on how goofy we were !! You were adorable! Loving your blog!!