Sunday, October 10, 2010


I wish I could say that the weekend was full of fun and exciting things, but this weekend definitely wasn't. It pretty much consisted of a lot of time on the couch. I have been sick since Thursday and am finally starting to feel a little better! The highlight of my weekend was reading a whole book, Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult. I highly recommend all Jodi Picoult books if you are looking for a new author. I did make some homemade pumpkin bread and cream cheese frosting today, which was delicious! I would like to make pumpkin bread every day just so my house would smell so yummy! Anyway, hopefully this week will be full of more exciting posts!

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  1. well i wrote on you blog, but it got lost some where and i guess i can't write on this thing without know ing my e-mail address, anyway i think you do a good job withis blog and hope you keep it up..get well and keep rreading all them books and cooking that good bread. see ye later you gramdpa