Friday, October 15, 2010

Missing Missouri

I am really missing Missouri and the small town I grew up in, Seneca.

Things I miss most about Seneca:
1. My family
2. Knowing almost everyone by name
3. High school football games
4. Sister's II and all the ladies that work there
5. My white house on the hill
6. The tree on the outskirt of town that changes the prettiest colors in the fall
7. Snow days
8. Little and Big Lost Creek
9. Riding bicycles through town on a hot summer day
10. Going to Dairy Queen with my mom for strawberry shortcake

Hopefully, I will get to make a trip back home soon!


  1. yes! come home soon!! miss you!

  2. i agree! you are missed! love you!!

  3. i hope you can come home soon! i needs me some LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!