Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7 Questions & Pinteresting Things

What's better than one link up? That's right, two link ups! So, today I am linking up with Gentri for 7 Questions and Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting! 

1. The Olympics are awesome! What's your favorite summer Olympic event to watch?
Gymnastics!!! I was a competitive power tumbler growing up and have always loved gymnastics. I was so obsessed with gymnastics and the olympics in 1992, that I made a book with every event and who got gold, silver and bronze. I cut out every picture in every magazine I could find a glued them in my book.

How awesome were the fab five this year?!?
2. If you could compete in an Olympic event (either season), which would it be? 
Gymnastics, obviously! The floor to be exact! I always loved competing. 
3. Would you rather be tickled to death or poked (by finger) constantly for the rest of your life?
First, I have to say that I love that Gentri clarified that it was by finger. Ha! I'm not really ready to die, so I guess I would have to go with being poked (by finger) for the rest of my life. It would be really annoying at first, but then you would probably just get used to it. 
4. Do you keep your nails long or short? Square or Round?
Short and roundish-square. I try to grow my nails out and as soon as they get long and pretty one breaks. It never fails! 
5. Do you think you're funny? 
I think I'm funny. Does that mean everyone else thinks I'm funny? Probably not! Last summer, I was going to the beach with some friends and every time we saw a cow I would let out the loud MAAAAAAAH!!!  One of my friends finally said, "Are you an angry cow?" and I said, "Yep, I have mad cow disease!" and then I proceeded to say, "I'm funny!" and then I laughed hysterically. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? 
6. When you have something you're looking forward to SO much, but it's still a ways off, what do you do to keep yourself distracted? 
I just try not to think about it too much and to go about my daily life as usual. I usually have a countdown and that makes me more fun watching the number getting smaller and smaller. Right now, it's 27 days until I get to see my momma! I haven't seen her in almost a year, so I'm super excited! And she will be here almost a full month. Yippee!!! 
7. You've just won an Olympic Gold Medal. What are you going to do next? 
Take some time off and relax. Maybe go on a lavish vacation somewhere I've always wanted to go. 

And now time for Oh, How Pinteresting! 


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Happy Hump Day!!! 


  1. I officially love all of your pins, especially that first dress. And my favorite Olympic event is gymnastics, too! Makes me wish I stuck to it when my parents had me enrolled in classes at 7 years old!

  2. You were a power tumbler??? Do you still have any moves? If so, please send me a video! ;)

  3. I want ever piece of that outfit 2. Hat, vest, boots. I was in gymnastics too but only up until age 8. I did a back handspring about 10 years ago and almost died so I retired.

  4. I want a love story like Marshall and Lily as well!!!!! <3 Great pins!

  5. Gymnastics is the best!

  6. That chevron dress is so great!!
    Love your pins!

  7. I am and have always been obsessed with those Olympic gymnast girls too! <3 them.

  8. I repined most of these pins! And yes the gymnast are great :)

  9. love those quotes! hope you are having a good week!

  10. normally i would say gymnastics is the best... but after discovering that trampolining was an olympic sport, i might have to go with that.

  11. haha. I also love that Gentri included "finger" in there ... I seriously hate being both tickled and poked, so I can't even make that decision. But I can say gymnastics also ... hands down.

  12. That hipster one cracks me up!

    Great, now I'm in the mood for a clove cigarette and some absinthe.

  13. I have been missing for so long.

    I know.

    Forgive me?

    However, I found you between here and there.. you mad cow.

  14. Oh my gosh...that hipster pin...I am totally pinning this.