Thursday, August 2, 2012

I need YOU...

To help me come up with a name. After much thought, consideration and persuading, I've decided to open an online shop. For Christmas last year, I decided to make a homemade gift for Jeremy. I wasn't sure what to make, but I knew I wanted it to be something special. I decided on a canvas with our birth dates, the date we met, our anniversary and our names. Jeremy loved it and so did everyone else that saw it. Since then, I've made made many more for friends and family. I also make picture frames. I've never sold either of these things, only given them as gifts. I've had many people tell me that I need to try selling them, so that's what I'm going to do! 

My friend Lacey and I were talking about shop names last night and I told her if I had to come up with the name it would be "Shit I Make". She then said S.I.M Creations, but then we decided that sounded too much like I was going to custom make a SIM character for that SIMS game. Then we said S.L.M (Shit Lindsay Makes) Creations. I then said my slogan would be "Buy my shit, bitches!!!". Jeremy didn't really think this would be very good for business.

So... I need help coming up with a shop name and that's where y'all come in. Whoever comes up with the best name will get a custom canvas or picture frame (your choice). It's kinda like a giveaway except you have to be a little more creative to win. I'm hoping to make a decision by Monday.

 Custom canvas for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law
 Custom made canvas for Momma to Binks&Bubble giveaway winner
 Custom made canvas for Morgan at Momma to Binks&Bubble
 You can't really tell, but the letters are turquoise
I love this frame! And, this is probably one of my favorite pictures of my old roommate and me.

Name suggestions.... GO!!!

Also... I could use some help on pricing ideas too! What would you pay for these?


  1. Oh, these are so cute! I have no clue about prices personally, but I would suggest browsing Etsy and comparing similar items then outweigh your costs to produce vs. profit and see where you land.

    As for shop names... I like your ideas haha, but yeah, they may not be the best for business. Have you considered "A Little Bit of Art", playing off your blog name?

  2. I love those!! So talented : ). I also think you should tie in your blog name. Or just use it! "A Little Bit of Life Creations"?! Or just A Little Bit of Life?! Especially since all your work has to donwith special moments in life!

  3. Congrats!!

    "a little moment in time" "time stands still" "a little bit of love"

    let us know what you choose!

    with pricing you can also factor in how much they cost you to make, then add in extra cost for time and profit.

  4. "buy my shit?" just totally kidding. Girl I have no idea.

    "little bits" I kinda like Little Bits..

  5. bits of life studio/shop/boutique/etc.

  6. All of my ideas are profane. You know me.

  7. LMFAO! Buy my shit bitches. I die!

    How about A Little Bit of Life Creations to tie your blog into it?

  8. You know my delicious thoughts on this. You will be a star because these are faboo

  9. "Bitz of Joy"...pick me...pick me...and yes, that "z" is supposed to be there for you last name!! You freaking crack me up!!! And I love your crafty, artsy-fartsy self!

  10. oh this is way too much pressure for me. too much. but if you want to name it "I love Tiff" ... that is ok with me.

  11. Yesss!!! So excited you're doing this. I honestly feel like I'm going to have to think about this name. I kinda love Shanna's idea. I'll get back to you if I think of anything else :-)

  12. oooo such a good idea!!
    these are perfect!!

    I had to shop around on etsy to get a general idea, but i found the following article that helped a lot!!

    Excited for you!!

  13. these are SOO COOL!! I read the link above Montana mentioned.. very good info! A name.. ugh. So hard!

  14. Some
    Ideas already...I liked Bitz of Joy!!

  15. HI.I read your story carefully.u an me have a lot of things in common.I love making handicrafts,driving and I love my pet.of course he is a cat not dog.About your lost name,I suggest : Gift versus Gift[G.V.G].It is a suitable slogan and name becouse it means people will be able to gift your beautiful handicrafts to their belongings and in fact you have let them do that as a gift although they should pay some money!I cross my fingers 4 u and your friend.