Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting and a WINNER!!!

I am sooooo ready for Fall! I'm ready for sweaters, boots, scarves, fall decorations, anything pumpkin, etc... 

In honor of fall, I went pin crazy last night pinning everything fall fall fall! Here are some of my favorite upcoming fall things. 

Fall TV Shows

Source: via: Mark on: pinterest
One of the funniest tv shows ever! Such a great cast and mix of characters. 

Source: deviantart via: Rod on: pinterest
I wasn't sure about this show for about the first four episodes and then I was hooked! It's definitely dark and different, but something about it just pulls you in. 

Source: media-cache via: Sareen on: pinterest
Revenge!!! Oh, how I love this show! The suspense, the drama, the love triangle... Daniel or Jack?!? Both are H-O-T HOT! 

Fall Food
Source: dreamydesserts via: Callie on: pinterest
Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese filling

Chai-Iced Pumpkin Cookies

Source: babble via: Robyn on: pinterest
12 Fall Crockpot Recipes

Fall Fashion
Source: kikbird via: Rachel on: pinterest
Big, comfy oversized sweaters

Source: prepfection via: Charity on: pinterest
Shorts and tights... perfect fall transition

Cardigan, skinnies, boots.... LOVE

What are some of your favorite fall shows, recipes and outfits?

And... announcing the winner of the Bitz & Pieces giveaway!!! 
Congratulations Judy Martin Wilber!!! 
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 Happy Hump Day!!!  


  1. DANGIT!! I was supposed to win this!! ;)

    I'm stoked about the return of Revenge too!

  2. I can't believe I didn't win.

    I didn't enter. I dont understand this entering shit.

    Girl, Modern Family. last night I was sitting in the tub, (tmi?) and I thought of the Finale, and the baby that ended up not being theirs and those two, lying down crying in a field and I nearly lost my shit ALL OVER AGAIN.

    Sorry for saying shit, like 3 times.

  3. Hahaha Shay ^

    Yessssss Fall fashion...bring it on!!!

    Can't wait for Revenge AND Modern Family!!!

  4. Pumpkin flavored everything is my favorite. I have never seen any of those shows. I am lame.

  5. Ah all of this makes perfect love. The smell of spices, the Bon fires and soup. Hurry up leave changing season.

  6. I watched the first five or so episodes of Revenge, and loved it, but for whatever reason stopped tuning in! I need to get caught up before it comes back because that show was amazing from what I can remember! Happy Wednesday!


  7. I am with you! Fall is my favorite season and I am ready for it.

  8. Me and Andy are obsessed with Modern Family!!!
    I cannot wait for it to come back on!!!

  9. I'm definitely ready for pumpkin, sweaters & boots. But then again I know I'll miss the summer sunshine too :)

  10. Next post...fall drinks!!! ;) And I seriously quit watching TV because every freaking time I start getting into a show it gets cancelled...I guess I have bad taste in TV! ;) Still not quite sure I am ready for summer to end...that means no more pool time!! Insert sad face!

  11. It's funny because I LOVE summer...all the cottages and swimming but I am excited for fall to, just to wear scarves buy some new pretty boots!

    I'm your newest follower! Hope you can check out my newest post and follow back if you like it.

  12. I'm loving the oversized sweaters for fall! I may or may not be wearing one right now. :-) I just came across your blog, and I've been enjoying reading it!

  13. I love that last outfit.. and your blog! New follower. :)