Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIWW and Pinteresting

Happy Hump Day Friends!!! 

I know some people don't care about seeing what other people wore, but I see it as a way of finding new outfit inspiration. I love getting new ideas for outfits and seeing things paired together that I might not have thought of. I have said before that I am by far no fashion blogger, but I do occasionally enjoy taking "outfit" pictures and posting them. So there ya go, what I wore last Friday to dinner and a movie. 

Oh, How Pinteresting "Sexy and I know it" Edition

About a week and a half ago, I got a new pair of jeans. So, I decided to go through my old jeans and get rid of the ones that I didn't wear anymore or no longer fit. Boy was this good motivation to start working out and watching what I eat more. To keep me motivated, I spent quite some time pinning motivational quotes, pictures and healthy recipes. 

Source: fit fab cities via: Jen on: pinterest

What do you guys use for workout motivation? How do you stay on track?


  1. Miss Thing- Killer post! I loooove your outfit! And this is why I love outfit posts too! I need to get one of those "flannels". they are so cute and straight up sexy in a non-sexy way, I love it!

    and I needed the fitness inspiration, god help my scale. another day another pound is just not cool.

    Happy Hump day honey!

  2. Great outfit! Love the colored denim.

  3. i love the braid! so fancy!!

    workout motivation...hmmm...what is that!? i did well with C25K but fell off when I didn't have regular goals. I am going to try getting back into dancing since that is the only form of exercise i have ever truly enjoyed! we shall see! keep us posted on what you discover and how it goes!

  4. Your hair! I love it. I doubt I could do it on my own. It ends up looking like a rats nest when I try.

  5. Love your outfit - I wish fall would hurry up and get here!

  6. My gorgeous friend. I love this. Give me your legs pronto

  7. gorgeous braid! wish i could do that!

    Have a great Wednesday! Drop by and say hello!

  8. I'm eating TWO bags of candy right now. TWO.

    clearly I need help.

  9. Girl!! You better wErk that outfit!!! Loving your Katniss braid too. You are way too cute!!

    Inspiration...hmmm....I'm with Shay...I just ate a ton of chocolate chip cookies.

  10. love your outfit! love all the colours! and i just bought a pair of mustard jeans, totally inspired to wear them now! :)xx

  11. You are nothing short of GORGEOUS!!!! Please keep doing outfit posts...I always love it when you do...there's some blogging inspiration!! ;)I need those jeans in my life!!! Love you, lady!!

  12. I love this outfit!!! the flannel and skinnies are gorgeous together! You definitely should keep up the outfit posts :)