Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheers to the freakin weekend

My friends Lacey, Dianna and I love to post random things on each others facebook walls (who doesn't love doing that). We post things like "cheers to the freakin weekend" (and then we post back and forth lyrics to the song), "It's pink like me cuz I'm a girl!!!" (Jenna Marbles quotes take up half our posts), "Would you look at that?!?" (Ed Bassmaster videos are hilarious), etc. Well, Lacey's dad is on facebook and he told her one day that he did not understand half of the things we were saying to each other. She told him that they were inside jokes or songs or videos we've watched. He then asked her, "What does cheers to the freakin weekend mean?!" So now every time I hear that song or start singing that song in my head, I think of Lacey's dad. 

We are going to get our country on tonight and hit up the country bar here for some line dancing and two stepping. If you ever go line dancing, do you feel the need to dress "country"? I sure do! I'm already trying to figure out what I'm going to wear tonight. I'm thinking a sleeveless denim button up, white shorts and my Frye boots. If the outfit turns at as cute as it is in my head, I will definitely share pictures. 

It's going to be another gorgeous weekend here. I LOVE summer, absolutely love it! Another trip to the beach might be in order this weekend, or maybe a trip to Sonoma. Hanging out on the patio at Lagunitas for the first time this summer is definitely in order! It just seems like there is so much more opportunity to get out of the house and do things in the summer. What are some of your favorite things to do in the summer? 

And since this post has been ridiculously random and most likely very boring, I will leave y'all with a funny video to start your weekend. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. Girl!!! You HAVE to post pictures...and a video. Yes, definitely a video. Have so much fun.

  2. Ha yes a video please!! PS that prank is seriously wacky! I love it!! :)

  3. Cheers indeed!! Lol .. Actually that outfit sounds super cute! So share pix! :P
    Wait where or what is Lagunitas.. I have been trying to find a cute little spot for our one year Ann.. We did Sonoma for our mini-moon ..

  4. Amen!!! And now I am going to be singing that song the rest of the day!! Have a super weekend!! Have fun dancing...I love to country dance...slap on some boots and work it, girl!! Be safe!

  5. from afar- I think this is adorbs. I love that between you and your girlfriends, it means that much more. so cute. xo.

  6. Shiz sticks. I should have read this on friday because now I have this song stuck in my head.