Monday, June 18, 2012

Wild Weekend

I bet from the title of this post, you thought that I had some wild, crazy weekend. Wrong! It was a low-key, very relaxing weekend. Friday night, Jeremy and I had dinner and watched the movie New Years Eve. Saturday, I went shopping with the MIL and then got my hair highlighted. I added more blonde ombre and a couple purple streaks. I've tried and tried to take a picture of the purple streaks and for some reason they just don't show up very well in pictures. Saturday night, Jeremy and I had no idea what we wanted to do or what we wanted for dinner. Jeremy kept asking what I wanted and I kept giving him my usual response of, "what are my options???" He finally threw out Sonic as an option. I LOVE Sonic, but the closest Sonic is about 35 minutes from here. So, at about 8:45 PM Saturday night we drove 35 minutes just for Sonic. Sunday, we had breakfast at our favorite breakfast place Beyond the Glory with Jeremy's parents, went and looked at new cars for the heck of it, went to lunch with Jeremy's parents and then played cards. It was a great weekend!

 Snuggle puppies
Gorgeous sunset
You can see the purple a little here
My lil Buddy
Is there a truck in this picture???

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOVE the purple, so much fun!

    Isn't Sonic the best?! I'm only 10 minutes away from one but NEVER go. Now I'm craving tots!

  2. So glad I've stumbled upon your blog! It's great, and girl I love that purple in the hair. I like putting random color in mine too.

  3. I can totally see the purple.... love it!
    I'm curious, what do you like to eat at Sonic? My hubs loves it but I only like the drinks so we never eat there.

  4. Your a rebel with the purple streaks. But a purty rebel. And that's one redneck vehicular.

  5. GIrl, your weekend was soft and sweet.

    That friggin truck, I laughed via text, and laughed again. Is a truck that large really necessary?

  6. OMG that truck is so huge! I really like the ombre look and the purple adds a cute touch!

  7. Yay for posting a pic of the new "do"! Work it, lady! It turned out awesome. I have been wanting to add some fun color to my hair too. And love how you guys drove 35 minutes to Sonic. I am addicted to their tater tots with cheese! ;) You so need to come join the Bauble Swap I am hosting on my blog! ;) It's going to be fuuuuuun!! ;)

  8. I can definitely see the purple!!! and ........LOVE IT!!! You are a diva.

  9. truck? what truck?
    snuggle puppies is all I saw.